It was 67, our last cup year,
that Keon skated to all the fans cheers.

Soon after that during the Ballard reign,
Keon left, it wasn't the same.

It's been fourty years,
since we last held the cup.

For all of Daves fans,
it's been long enough.

The fans are all here,
and the stars are a bright.

In March of 07
lets put this thing right.

It's time to hoist #14 up high,
and make it right John, just give it a try.

It won't be the same
till we bring Davey home.

Come on John, make the call,
dial the phone.

Robert Summers
Tiverton On.

Wrote for the greatest player to ever don the blue and white.

November 8th, 2006
Thank you Bill! Man, it's been 25 years since I've wept, but does this ever bring back memories! I was a kid when he played, and can't shake the memory of everyone around me who wanted to be #14 as we got together to play street hockey, not to mention the guys I played with for real through to Midget (rep). Not just about Dave Keon, but a general reminder of how great things were in Canada during that time. You're doing a good thing Bill, and should be congratulated. It'll be about time run with this!
I have never seen so many signatures come up so quickly on one of these things, guess Mike Strobel needs some kudos on that too. I bought the Sun this morning and didn't get a chance to read it till now (7PM).

I'd appreciate it if you didn't use my name...real men don't cry! Especially those that have played hockey at a high level.

This was our Jean Beliveau, and then some. Too bad we tend to spit on our hero's.

Ted Mxxxxxxxxx

Thanks Ted,

Bill Pauhl

October 5, 2006
Name: T.J. Sakaluk
E-Mail: tjsakaluk27@hotmail.com
City/Country: Hamilton, Ontario

Comments: I saw the story in the Spec this morning and thought you'd like this story about Matt Stajan. I grew up around Hamilton but played 4 years of AAA hockey in Toronto. One of those years I played with Matt and we were pretty good friends back then. Matt grew up in Mississauga with his parents and sister and was by far the biggest leaf fan I knew at the time. His dad was also a leafs fan and transformed the room Matt shot pucks in into Maple Leaf Gardens. The room had fake boards and the lines painted on the floor including the famous maple leaf at centre ice with the white face-off dot in the middle. Hanging on the wall in the basement was a framed Keon jersey. Dave was idolized in that house and it was Matt's dream to wear number 14 for the blue and white. If anybody deserves to wear it, I believe Matt is the person. If not for him, then at least for Mr. Stajan.

Thanks for the guest book letter. I did not know Matt's history concerning Dave Keon and now I feel a lot better about Matt wearing number 14. He truly does deserve to wear that number in honour of Mr. Keon.

Thanks again, Bill Pauhl

Great Net Site, thanks Bill

Do you know what number Davey wore when he played for St. Michael's College Majors?

I'm thinking about buying a new St. Mikes jersey and sewing on Keon and his Jr. A number.

Thanks again.

Peter McMurtrie


I went to the Gardens for the unofficial Davey Keon night, when he came back to MLG for the first time with Hartford Whalers and Gordie Howe. Leafs won 3 to 1 and all the fans were cheering for Hartford! Davey and Gordie both got goals that night.
Davey was introduced last and I was so choked up for the national anthem, I could not sing. Tears were running down my cheeks......and I wasn't the only one.
Previous to the game (I had never done this before) I made up a Welcome Home Davey banner and asked if I could hang it up behind the goal (end blues?) . The people in the office said okay.
The next day my banner appeared on the front page of the Toronto Star!
After the game I got Gordie and a bunch of the leafs to sign it, but I could not find Keon. (John Anderson was so pissed off at the Toronto crowd, he refused to sign it.)
Apparently before that game, old Connie Smythe had his driver bring him down from the farm (he was in a wheelchair by then) to thank Davey and apologize for the shabby way he'd been treated by Stafford's old cronies.
After saying "no visitors" Davey consented when he learned that it was Mr. Smythe at the dressing room door and they had a short but emotional meeting.
What a classy move that was by Conn eh? Apparently he was so ill by then that he couldn't even stay to watch the game. Instead his driver drove him back North to the farm.
Who knows, perhaps "they" made a pact right there and then. A burden that Keon is now left to carry on his own. ?

Thanks for the story Peter

Bill Pauhl

I was at the Rolling stones concert in Toronto last month wearing my red wing hat and there was a guy sitting beside me with a leaf shirt on and I asked him if he was a fan, he told he was back in seventies, until they got rid of Davie Keon.
I replied that is why I do not support the leafs. I told him that I swore off the leafs the day they let him go to the WHA and the red wings were my new team and still are. As the conversation continued I knew I had a ace in the hole with the fact that I was going to tell him that I attended the Billy Harris Dave Keon Hockey School at Double Rink Area in Toronto. After listening to him talk about my hero I finally decided to drop the hammer, I met him, I was instructed by him, I slept there at the bunkers, I even ate in the same room with him. After dropping the bomb shell he turned and looked at me and told me in great detail that he also went to the same hockey school the same time I did ( 1972, 1973).
We have been in touch since then and does it ever bring back memories.
For some reason I decided to go on the internet today ( 08/28/03 ) to find out what had happend to our hero. I typed in keon and your site came up all I can say is thank-you.

thank you again
Peter Finnerty # 14

Thanks for the great story Peter

Bill Pauhl

To the Fans of Dave Keon -- update!

November 11, 2006

Yesterday I was informed that Dave Keon would be signing autographs at the HHOF from noon to 1:30pm. My wife and I headed out early Saturday to get there in time and we did make it but we were told that we might not get to see Dave as the line was to long. We decided to circumvent the line and go directly to the HHOF management to arrange a meeting with Dave. With some persistence on my part I was directed to Peter Jagla Vice-President, Marketing. Peter was extremely helpful and actually asked Dave if he would see me, Dave said yes. So when most people had left I was taken upstairs but Dave was still busy with friends so we stood by waiting for him to finish. Dave was informed that there was a luncheon upstairs so he then proceeded to leave but when he reached the top of the stairs he stopped and looked around and said where is he, meaning me. I extended my hand and said hi Dave, Dave led me away from the others and we spoke privately for a few minutes.

(In short)
I handed Dave approximately 1664 signatures from my on-line petition and I said; “I know how you feel Dave but I just want you to see all the nice comments people are saying about you”. Dave said, ‘I appreciate what you are trying to do but it is not right for me, we are at an impasse, they say they have changed but they are the same. I can honestly say that it is not going to happen, it is not right for me as I must stay with what I believe.’
I wish I had more time with my hockey hero but I was lucky to see him for as long as I did.

When Dave walk away and I started down the stairs I then looked up and watched him walk away for possibly the last time, at least as far as meeting him again. I was feeling very disturbed by our short meeting and time together. It was just a moment in time compared to the 40 years of idolizing him. I really needed to talk more privately with him over a few beers in some small bar somewhere quite. I feel cheated and lucky but mostly cheated. (metaphorically speaking)

I was working so hard to promote getting his number retired and I was trying to convince both sides to get it done but now I realise that I really have no place in this matter. Dave’s expressions and how he feels left absolutely no room for movement, there was nothing I felt I could do or say that would make a difference. I felt like I had just run into a brick wall head first!

I am very sad and disappointed at the situation knowing that I was wasting my time while at the same time getting everyone’s hopes up for nothing. Many nights I dreamt or visualised Dave standing at centre ice receiving such a huge ovation as his number was raised to the rafters. All the parties, articles and pictures that would have been spread across the nation will never happen.

I feel a deep sense of loss today folks and I am sure you do as well. I am not a reporter writing a sensational story here, I am you, the fans, and I am saying with much regret that we will never have our day with Dave Keon.

This is a one Remembrance Day I will never forget.

Bill Pauhl

Remember this people, Dave Keon is a good person, a kind and caring person that has given up much of his time for others so do not judge or criticise his stand against the Leaf organization. This is a public yet personal matter where both sides need to take a serious look at what went wrong and the Leafs need to make sure it never happens again to another player.

Thank you Dave for all the great times you have given us, take good care!

From your dedicated and loyal fans! You know---the ones that are missing YOU!!

P.S. Just for the record, I made a dozen calls to John Ferguson Jr. about this situation. I stated that I had a petition to deliver to him personally from the fans, but he made no attempt to return one of my calls.

Is this the arrogance that Dave Keon has had to deal with over the years?

If only the Hartford Whalers were still here!!


November 30th, 2006

Speaking of the Whalers

I had this idea that if the Whalers were still here they would have retired Dave's number so I made a phone call to the Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford. Jim returned my call, he did not just call once but he called three times until we were able to connect and have a talk. Jim advised me that they no longer honour the Whaler's numbers (which I do not agree with) and it would not be fare to honour Dave's number anymore under these circumstances (I agree at this point). Jim spoke fondly of Dave Keon and remembered playing against him late in Dave's career.

Still no call from Ferguson !!!! I am NOT surprised !!

Thanks to Jim Rutherford for being a class act and a caring person sympathetic to this cause.

Encouraging Letters

Dear Bill,

I think you are a tremendous man. Your effort was NOT wasted. The value of an act of love lies in the act itself, not in whether or not it bears the desired fruit.
Whatever Keon's successes and achievements on the ice, he has behaved selfishly and childishly, and has needlessly devoted his life to cultivating hatred toward the Toronto Maple Leafs and contempt for his own fans.
Still, on some level, he knows that he has legions of fans who remember what he did in Blue & White, who want to see him properly honoured, and feels gratification, but because of his unwillingness to THINK, he can't say so. It's because of who he's chosen to be that he cannot change.

He had a friend willing to make the amazing effort you made, and petulantly turned away. This will cause him great regret down the road, when nobody cares anymore, but that's no fault of yours.

All best wishes,
Darrell Goodman

-- Bass guitar -- www.darrellgoodman.com

Bill, I was disheartened to read about how you were treated by Dave Keon. However please don't feel that your time has been wasted. Your site and your efforts brought a great deal of joy and rekindled a lot of incredibly fond memories from thousands of us "Dave Keon" fans. On November 11 I attended the Leafs-Canadiens game and bought my first Dave Keon jersey which I plan to wear to all future Leafs games. In my small way I will keep the Dave Keon legend alive. More than anyone else you have kept his legend alive and I am sincerely grateful for your efforts. I will not let Mr. Keon's attitudes take away my childhood memories of his grace, class and heart on the ice. It is also been a dream of mine to be at the Gardens/ACC to salute Dave Keon on the occasion of the retirement/hanging of his sweater to the rafters. It seems we may never see that day. I agree that the current Leafs administration should proceed with this event in his absence as a reward for his legion of fans. No. 14 should be raised in a ceremony if not for Dave Keon then for us.

Once again Bill, thanks for your efforts. Thanks for keeping the dream alive. And yes Dave Keon contrary to what you might think we have all gotten on with our lives. It seems you haven't. If I might paraphrase the infamous words of Paul Simon "Where have you gone Davey Keon, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you". Keep the faith Bill and thanks again.

Walter Rigobon

Re your words Bill:

"Most people would have to get help for that kind of bitterness."

Bill, the way I look at it, what if our kids have a few warts?
We still love them, right. Same with Davey. Sure we're disappointed.
I've admitted to my friends that Davey was my hero...and he's being a jerk. Too bad, but I'm okay with that.
Point is, your work is still worthwhile, maybe even more so, because your site is the only place where we Keon fans can go for THERAPY :)
If we have to raise his sweater without Davey, so be it.
Keep up the good fight buddy, it's NOT a lost cause. Now, it's even more of a heroic fight.

P.S. (From time to time I really enjoy reading my previous comments on your site about the unofficial Davey Keon night with Gordie & the Hartford Whalers etc. and I hope others do as well.)

On game nights, when I went to McMaster University and lived in residence (Stoker House) , my girlfriend across the quad (Wallingford Hall) used to hang up her #27 "Big M" Montreal jersey in her window and I would counter with my #14 Toronto jersey. That's what this is all about, reliving our cherished youth. (She was a gem and still is.) At the time, Frank was the only one who needed therapy. Now he's okay and it's the rest of us who need help.

Thanks again Doc.

Bill, you have done such a wonderful job creating this. You have worked so hard to make this the number 1 Dave Keon Web site and you are admired by many. Regardless of whether Dave will agree to having his number retired or not, this web site is a testimony to your dedication.

Please don't "pull" the website - leave it for the fans, all of whom appreciate what you have done.

Thanks Bill, your a star.

I have fond memories of Dave as well. They were refreshed a few times by your wonderful site.
Some time ago, I had signed the petition. I think we chatted some on TMLfans.
I want to thank you for your efforts because I've really enjoyed your site. As well, I also had hopes for a night that Dave would walk out on to that ice one last time to a thunderous and never ending ovation on HNIC. It would have been magical, incredible, emotional and spine tingling. You helped keep those hopes alive.
And as painful as it might be, you've brought closure to those hopes which is probably a good thing rather than years more of public agony wondering "why hasn't it happened ?".
It is tough to find out your hero isn't what you imagined him to be. But a lot of Leafs fans found out that you really have a bunch of the wonderful qualities we hoped Dave had. For me, that part hasn't been such a bad thing to find out.

Thanks again for your efforts.

James Norman

Thanks everyone for the kind words, it has made a difference - in me!.

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