The Life and Ministry of Ernest J. Kolenda

Brother Kolenda  with one of the many charts.

Brother E.J. Kolenda at the age of 102 has gone home to be with the one he taught and preached about all these many years.

As we said he loved to travel and has now made the greatest trip of his life. Just as the great men of the Bible's flesh went on so did he. They left many writings that gives us great teaching. So did Brother Kolenda so keep on reading and studying and we thank each one that has contacted us.

I promise you all that we have enough books, writings, tapes and teaching to carry on the Ministry, Website and Newsletter for many years to come if the LORD so wills.

Minister, Author and Teacher of the Melchisedec Order, Ernest J. Kolenda is shown here with one of the many charts that he has made in the years he has spent in the ministry.

Each one is original and one of a kind. His calling has been in the ministry of the LORD JESUS CHRIST where he was Teaching, Preaching and Administering the in Christ Message of the Melchisedec Order

102 Years Young at his death

What a wonderful long life he has had in telling the greatest
story ever told by Revelation and Research of the Bible

In Brother Kolenda's own words

We thank GOD for the increased knowledge that we each have in our day. We are now beginning to see the light of intelligence shining from the next millenium into our own generation. This is present truth.

The evangelistic field has been his calling for most of his
ministry and he still enjoys traveling and teaching for the
ministry. He also started a great Missionary work in Brazil.
He spent many years in many countries teaching the Gospel

His writings and teaching lives on through me and many others. We have been so blessed to be in his teaching. just a few of the worn out bibles over 76 years of ministry

As the years went by so did the wearing out of Bibles and here is a look at a few of them. They are never thrown out but are kept on the shelf no matter the condition

The inside is the most used part and he makes it his own roadmap to Heaven.

Since it is so hard to leave all the years of notes and work to go to a New Bible this is the newest Bible that Brother Kolenda uses.

this is the newest bible

A worn out Bible is how you know he has been speaking to His people

Many years of Brother Kolenda's life was spent being a Pastor. This is one of the most important callings in the Ministry. Many years were also spent doing Missionary work in Brazil, Jamaica and other countries. We still maintain a great connection with the Ministry in Brazil.
Brother Kolenda is the Author of 13 books expounding the scriptures. He went home to be with the LORD at the age of 102.

The LORD JESUS CHRIST has been the basic foundation rock of all the years in the ministry. Brother Kolenda says there are still many years left in the minstry for him. [at the time I put this on the the site there were many years left

It is a joy to me to have been on earth as new knowledge began and expanded into what we know today. Knowledge has increased and is increasing in a big way. Yesterday's inventions are soon swept away by ever increasing new knowledge. Remember man only discovers what GOD knew was there all along. I will always be a pioneer of new things and new revelation truth!

Not one day will pass by that I don't receive something outstanding that I never understood from GOD'S Word before. At the end of each day I know my LORD and Savior better. When you go to church or to a Bible study you can judge when it has been a good service. If you have learned more about the LORD than you knew before you went then the teaching was successful. If you only know more about the speaker then it was not.

My Bible is worn out again and this makes a full shelf of worn out Bibles. The only thing about starting with a fresh new Bible is that all my notes and underlinings are gone and I have to keep the old one next to me for reference for awhile. I love every minute that I spend with Christ Jesus in His Word! What an adventure my life has been. Thank you to all the people who hear me at this time of my life. I pray some of the wisdom that I have gained over the years will benefit you. This is one pearl never to forget, "never become too old or puffed up to learn."

Come See the Charts
We have many small charts (poster size) that I have made over the years. There are also many charts that cover the wall of my office. Each one is a teaching chart and brings the Bible Scriptures alive to you in pictures. It starts with Adam in the Garden Of Eden, oh what a beautiful masterpiece of GOD'S Handiwork. In him there was no ignorance and he had the light of the Creator. Think about this place for a while.

Think about what is being done with knowledge in this end of the end time and try to imagine if it were possible what it would be like if you had 100 percent of your mind's power. Ask the LORD for knowledge and understanding.

The charts then continue on too the fall and the space of time we are in, called "the answering the sin question period" then we go on to the time after this period is over. You are all welcome to come to our home and learn of GOD'S Wonderful ways.

Our home is a refuge.

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