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Welcome to the Operators Message Board.

Communication at work has not been the best to say the least so lets improve things at our end. We all have questions and concerns therefore, by asking a question or stating your concerns in this format may benefit all of us.

Also, each plant does not know what the other's issues are most of the time so by posting on this message board we can improve communication. Each power plant has different ways of doing things, we can compare operating procedures and even discuss individual/policy grievances. Whatever is on your mind share it with the rest of us and you never know, it may result into something positive.
Lets give it a try for a while and if all is well then I will keep the site running. If no one uses the site that is okay too and I will just take the site down. Leave your opinions on the message board or just start posting what is on your mind.

You MUST use a nickname or just state your site as your name or do both.

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    Want a stronger union?
    Then choose stronger union stewards that don't mind being agressive and upsetting their managers. Too many stewards are jumping to management and that means they were not doing their jobs well as stewards. When voting for a steward don't just vote for someone because he/she is your friend if you want to have a strong union presence in the workplace.

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    started on December 3rd 2008

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