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Institute of Power Engineers
National Web Site

Institute of Power Engineers
Hamilton Branch

Institute of Power Engineers
Lakehead Branch

Institute of Power Engineers
London Branch

Institute of Power Engineers
Ottawa Branch

Institute of Power Engineers
Sarnia Branch

Institute of Power Engineers
Sault Ste Marie

Institute of Power Engineers
Sudbury Branch

Institute of Power Engineers
Toronto Branch

Institute of Power Engineers
Welland Branch

Institute of Power Engineers
Windsor Branch


The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
Ministry of Labour
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
Natural Cures
Hamilton Hockey
Ontario Hockey Directory
Canadian Hockey Directory
Dave Keon - Greatest Leaf of All Time
CAW - Local 2003 University of Toronto


(Formerly-The American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

(Formerly-Canadian Standards Association)


CANADA --- Federal Government
BRITISH COLUMBIA --- Safety Authority
MANITOBA --- Government
NEW BRUNSWICK --- Safety Services
NEW BRUNSWICK --- Government
NEWFOUNDLAND ---Government
NOVA SCOTIA --- Government
SASKATCHEWAN --- Government

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy - Links

  • The Canadian Association for Renewable Energies (CARE) an authoritative source of news on the renewable energy industry in Canada
  • The US "Interstate Renewable Energy Council"
  • The Green Energy Website is a service with information on how to buy green energy services. Alternate link for the Green Energy Website
  • World-wide Information System for Renewable Energy (WIRE)
  • Ontario Pilot Emission Reduction Trading (PERT) Website
  • National Center for Appropriate Technology
  • RETSCREEN (TM) Software for assessing feasibility of renewable energy products, distributed by the Government of Canada, free-of-charge.
  • CANMET Energy Diversification Research Laboratory R&D includes photovoltaics, remote community energy systems, heat pumps, heat storage, industrial drying as well as energy systems analysis and modelling.
  • Ontario Legislative Committee on Ontario Hydro website
  • British Columbia's Electricity Task Force
  • Natural Life Website's Alternative Energy Resources
  • The Macdonald Committee Report on competition in Ontario's electricity sector
  • Renewable Electric Plant Information System Information about utility grid-connected bioenergy, geothermal, hydroelectric, photovoltaic, solar thermal, and wind energy generation facilities throughout the United States is contained in the DOE Office of Utility Technologies' Renewable Electric Plant Information System (REPiS) database.
  • Energy Efficient Housing in Canada
    And, for other links on energy systems in buildings, Click here for "other sources"
    Or, This site is a building professional's guide to over 60 environmentally responsible technologies and materials for use in commercial/industrial buildings. It covers topics such as phot`foltaics, daylighting, water conservation, embodied energy, waste managment, septic treatment, and more. For more information, e-mail:
  • Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency operates an annual program of Energy Efficiency Awards
  • The International Institute for Sustainable Development based in Winnipeg. They provide a Sourcebase, or List of Information Sources on Sustainable Development and a List of WWW sites on Sustainable Development
  • CREST's online renewable energy education system
  • The US Department of Energy's (DOE's) Energy efficiency pages at the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN). A site maintained by U.S. Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information is found at
  • The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN) Main Pages of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, probably the most comprehensive and up-to-date site of its type.
  • You may find it easier to use EREN's alphabetically organized links page
  • The Alberta Renewable Energy Test Site based in Calgary.
  • The Grassroots Support for Clean Energy Site has loads of information on why we need renewables, and how to make your views known to influential politicians, links to companies and organizations, etc. etc.
  • Who's Who in Renewable Energy
  • The Sustainability Net run by a Chicago-based NGO called CASX
  • EnerNet indexes all kinds of energy business information and has News site devoted to conservation and renewable energy
  • Green Power Network is billed as "... a clearinghouse of information on electric power industry green marketing efforts," the Greenpower Network offers general information on the concept, summaries of marketing activities among 23 utility companies, access to a library of literature on the topic, links to other related information sources, market research data, descriptions of international efforts, and a green marketing discussion group.
  • The Power Pool of Alberta
  • Ontario's Independent Electricity Market Operator
  • Energy Probe's Web Site has all sorts of interesting data and links.
  • Ontario Power Generation Inc.
  • Ontario Hydro Services Company
    (These two links above represent the two primary successor companies to the former Ontario Hydro, which ceased to exist as a single company on April 1, 1999)
  • The Electricity Distributors Association
  • The Association of Major Power Consumers In Ontario (AMPCO) home page
  • The Power Workers Union also has a WWW site
  • ONGA, the Ontario Natural Gas Association
  • Friends of the Earth (Canada)
  • Canadian Electricity Forum Magazine
  • European Media Marketing Ltd. is a media marketing company involved in the promotion of renewable energy, and their main business is the organisation of the largest renewable energy event in the World, The World Sustainable Energy Fair. They also publish the sustainable energy industry Journal.
  • U.S. EPA web site - renewable energy devoted to examining climate change as it relates to the business/renewable industry sector.
  • The Energy Group at Reading University includes details of an M.Sc. course on "Renewable Energy and the Environment" as well as a series of short (two week) courses on Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Micro-Hydro Power and Biomass Energy.
  • International Network for Sustainable Energy
  • The Earth Council's "Network for Sustainable Development"
  • A plethora of online resources are available at Planet-Friendly's Link Pages on "The Blackout, Energy & You"

  • There is also the: Canada Energy Industry End-Use Data and Analysis Centre, or the Energy Research Group, Simon Fraser University Home Page and their Energy Research Group home page
    The Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales is one of the longest established resource centres on alternative power generation.
    In addition, Eco Net's Renewable Energy Pagehas some useful resources
    The Kortright Centre's Website features a Renewable Energy Information Site
    Clean Energy is a world-wide WWW directory of clean energy companies and services
    GreenWare Environmental Systems Inc. has a website with related information
    For an excellent page of links to environmental, energy, sustainable development and related sites, try ICLEI's links page
    Home Power Magazine has a page of renewable energy WWW links
    The World Directory of Renewable Energy Suppliers and Services
    Summary Table of Public Benefit Programs and Electric Utility Restructuring
    The Grid Company of Alberta
    The Globe Resource Centre bills itself as "the most complete and up-to-date source for environmental business intelligence on the Internet. "
    Delft University's Clean Technology Institute Web Site ("Interduct")
    The UN Sustainable Energy and Environment Division has a directory and newsletter on line
    Jens Staeck's web site contains many links concerning renewable energy, in several languages, mostly German.
    The Sustainability Project has some interesting papers and ideas
    Sustainable Minnesota Newsletter
    The Canadian Global Change Program
    Global Change Global Change - Electronic Edition seeks to educate the Web browsing public on climate change and ozone depletion issues.
    Then Environmental Web Directory contains a search engine specific to environmental themes
    Engineered Systems Inc.
    New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) provides policy advice to the New Zealand Government, contributes to the creation of energy efficiency legislation, gathers statistics, runs seminars, and initiates public education projects and programs. Come to this Web site to learn more about EECA's projects and capabilities and to send e-mail to EECA staff members. See also its newsletter at Energy-Wise News
    Hemispheric Experiences in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy The Hemispheric Energy Symposium, held in October 1995, was a follow-up to the Summit of the Americas. During both meetings, the need for participating countries to exchange information on the application of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies was recognized as a way to ensure their continued proliferation.
    The Sustainable Communities Network from Nova Scotia
    More websites on sustainability
    The Union of Concerned Scientists' Energy Pages contain lots of useful information.
    Helinet's Canadian Environmental Resource Directory looks promising
    Dave Rezachek's Page has a lot of interesting material on renewable energy, utility integration of renewables, energy economics, and other subjects.
    Eco Expo produces a three day conference and trade show aimed at marketing environmental products, services and technolgy to government and private companies.
    The Envirolink Organization claims to be "the largest online environmental information resource on the planet. "
    Sustainable Sustainable is a focal point on the Web for all environmental business sectors, from recycling to green building, from renewable energy to organic products, from social investing to certified forestry. Read the "Sustainable Business Insider" magazine, post Business Opportunities, find a Green Dream Job, use the comprehensive Links Library.
    The Paperless Environmental Journal, Greendisk hosted by the Institute for Global Communications, allows visitors to browse a review issues of the journal, see sample listings from the Guide to Environmental Computing v1.2 and explore eBase v5.1 (an 8500 page keyword-searchable environmental encyclopedia).
    The Conservation Information Co-operative is a focal point of conservation and stewardship information for landowners, university faculty, students, government, non-governmental organizations, and others concerned about environmental issues.
    IndEco does all sorts of work on industrial ecology, environmental accounting and strategic management issues. IndEco's links page is also interesting
    The Sustainable Development Resources Database
    Nordlicht (Northern Lights) is a public campaign for climate protection by energy saving and traffic reduction.
    Midwest Renewable Energy Association provides education and demonstration, on the application of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.
    The World Bank's site on power projects, rural development and related issues
    APP-TECH Inc.APP-TECH's home page features descriptions of it energy consultation, design, and engineering services, includining solar site feasibility assessments.
    Iowa Energy CenterThe Iowa Energy Center (IEC) conducts and sponsors research on the use of energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies. Consequently, the IEC Web site contains electronic copies of some of its "Home Series" publications for energy conscious consumers; offers information about the Office's mission, staff, and scheduled events; yields descriptions of its research grant initiatives, loan programs, and facilities; and establishes links to other related sites.
    Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources Descriptions of grants, legislation filed to deregulate the electric utility industry in Massachusetts, and case studies of wind power and landfill gas installations are included on the Division of Energy Resources (DOER) Web server.
    The Canadian Environment Industry Association (Ontario Chapter) website
    The Renewable Energy Policy Project at the University of Maryland, seeks to accelerate the use of renewable technology through policy research and advocacy.
    The Ontario Round table on Environment and Economy (ORTEE) is set up to foster sustainable development within the province.
    The Institute for Research on Environment and Economy's new web site highlights the four research projects at the Institute.
    International Economic Platform for Renewable Energies While the content of this site is presented entirely in German, links to the various sections are also available in English. It includes business contacts, resource assessment materials, installation regulations, information source listings, job postings, links to related organizational and institutional Web sites, and guidelines for financing, planning, installing, and operating renewable energy (wind, solar thermal, biomass, and photovoltaic) power plants.
    on-line discussions on Science and Technology for Development organized by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and hosted by The World Bank, through its TechNet Initiative, and the Carnegie Corporation. In advance of the in-person conference in Toronto, TechNet is holding four virtual conferences via the Internet -- called Think Tanks. The Think Tanks will focus on the themes of: Small and Medium Enterprise Development, Environment, Health and Agriculture.
    "Empowerment Resources for Personal Growth, Social Change, and Ecology"
  • The Magrath Energy Corporation has a Foundation which encourages the use of alternative energy in a number of ways, including through its web pages on alternative energy
  • The Common Purpose Institute For Energy And Environmental Solutions Energy And Environmental News
  • The Common Purpose Website is one of the best-developed renewable energy resources around.
  • Environmental Networking Facilities is an extremely convenient tool for anyone searching for environmental experts on the www.
  • Talk Power is a "Power Utility Distribution Message Board, created to exchange questions, answers and help amongst people in the power field
  • Tennessee Power Company's Green Power Pages
  • Navitas is a site intended to help consumers in choosing electricity suppliers
  • The Consumer Energy Council of America's website focuses largley on electricity restructuring issues
  • President Clinton's Council for Environmental Quality (CEQ) website
  • Helio's website on energy and eco-development
  • Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention (C2P2) offers easy access to national and international pollution prevention information through a search service, hard copy distribution, easy-to-use P2 Internet site, on-line forums, current publications, customized training and conference delivery
  • ENERGYguide says it is " the first site on the Internet to tie together information with tools consumers can use to act on that knowledge."
  • RAINBOW POWER COMPANY/ RESHAPE PTY LTD issues a free 1-2 page Newsletter once a month with information about Renewable Energy, new products, specials etc.
  • GEO Index is a search engine for geo-environmental professionals
  • INIST Free access and consultation of the INIST international collections. Documents from periodicals (serials), theses or congresses, with focus on: energy, environment, ecology and earth sciences.
  • SEVEn from the Czech Republic compiles a great deal of information on energy efficiency, cogeneration, and renewables, with extensive references to various projects, publications, conferences, contacts and policy papers.
  • California Alliance for Distributed Energy Resources
  • Energy Alternatives Ltd., billed as "Canada's Sustainable Living Store," offers a variety of resources for people interested in renewable energy with an emphasis on solar, wind and micro hydro. They can also be reached at 8 - 6782 Veyaness Road, Saanichton, BC V8M 2C2, tel. (250) 544-0488 (250) 544-0478 Fax (contact: Kevin Pegg) and http://www.EnergyAlternatives.WS
  • "Alternative Energy Industry" a "human edited site of links, news and commentary at"
  • The Source for Renewable Energy is a comprehensive listing of renewable energy companies
  • The Planetary Systems website features extensive listings of "products and systems promoting renewable energy / sustainable living" including wind & solar power, and energy efficient homes.
  • Sectoral Listings


  • The Biomass Energy Research Association (BERA) supports biofuels research in the public and private sectors and facilitates information exchange, education, and international cooperation. Available here are its 1997 annual report and a summary of its activities this year; news from the Association's Capitol Hill luncheon meetings with Congressional staffers and policy makers; an historic overview of biomass energy use, development, resources, and research areas; a listing of BERA Officers and Directors; guidelines for membership; and an e-mail link for submitting questions on biomass energy research and technologies to the BERA Information Resource Service.
  • Western Regional Biomass Energy Program s one of five such programs established and funded by the U.S. Department of Energy to ensure the commercial adoption of biomass energy technologies.
  • Hurst Boiler and Welding Co., Inc., is a 32 year old company, that has been engineering, manufacturing and installing biomass fired steam plants for the past 20 years. They are the third largest US manufacturer of packaged (gas/oil fired) boiler systems and claim to be the preeminent sole source provider of biomass fired steam systems in North America.
  • Sunpower, Inc.
  • Environmental Effects of Biomass Crop Production
  • A listing of members and publications of the National BioEnergy Industries Association.
  • A co m pilation of Biomass information sources on the Internet compiled 8/1/94 by Christopher Gronbeck (
  • Site for data bases at CREST The Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology.
  • The US DOE's Regional Biomass Program site
  • The gopher site at CREST.
  • For a list of biofuels publications.
  • Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
  • Beth Candlish's bio-energy page
  • another bio-energy page
  • An active American biomass web site
  • TREElectric are commercialising energy cropping concepts.
  • U.S. Department of Energy BioPower Demonstration project summaries, industry photos, technical papers, fact sheets, introductory literature, and publications describing US federal activities are all available from the DOE BioPower Program Web server.
  • The IEA Bioenergy Site
  • The B.C. Pellet Fuel Manufacturers Associatiin is a non-profit society promoting the use of densified wood residue and biomass.
  • The Third Biomass Conference of the Americas
  • Integrated Energy Agriculture is a research site describing the results of a biomass energy research project with an interest in tobacco and "significant potential for Canadian agriculture."
  • National Bioenergy Industries Association
  • Biomass Energy Alliance
  • Arkenol, Inc. Using a concentrated acid hydrolysis process, Arkenol converts biomass feedstocks into simple sugars to produce chemicals and transportation fuels in the "biorefineries" it constructs and operates worldwide.
  • Iowa State University IPRT Biomass Energy Program The mission of the Institute for Physical Research and Technology (IPRT) Biomass Energy Program at Iowa State University is to "...develop, demonstrate, and promote better ways to produce, process, and utilize biomass resources as part of a sustainable energy future."
  • DOE/USDA Biomass Power for Rural Development Initiative
    DOE/USDA Biomass Power for Rural Development Initiative. Chariton Valley, Iowa • Switchgrass Biomass Power Cooperative Research and Development Agreement... - size 7K - 07-Oct-96
  • Biomass Enery Project Announcement
    http://149.11 9.1.26/usdoe/usdoesalix.html - size 10K - 23-Sep-96
  • ACTIVITI ES AND ACTIVITY LEADERS - Task XII - Biomass Production, Harvesting a
    ACTIVITIES AND ACTIVITY LEADERS Task XII - Biomass Production, Harvesting and Supply. Operating Agent: L. Zsuffa University of Toronto, Canada. Assistant... - size 2K - 11-Dec-95
  • Biomass-Terminology
    Biomass - Terminology. Navigational Help. ANAEROBIC DIGESTION Biological degradaion of organic matter in the absense of oxygen. ARISINGS Quatitity of....
    http://nmrc. - size 2K - 02-Jan-96
  • Centre of Biomass Technology - Literature List
    Centre of  Biomass Technology publishes its reports and other literature. Some of it is available for free and a small fee is taken for others. For.... t/literatu.htm - size 13K - 24-Sep-96
  • Biomass Resources for Energy and Industry
    back to renewables | rat haus. Biomass Resources for Energy and Industry. by Lynn and Judy Osburn © 1993. The point where the cost of producing....
    http://w - size 48K - 17-Nov-96
  • Biomass Burning and the Production of Greenhouse Gases
    9. BIOMASS BURNING AND THE PRODUCTION OF GREENHOUSE GASES. Joel S. Levine. Atmospheric Sciences Division NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, Virginia..... - size 52K - 29-Jan-97
  • Biomass Power Industry
    http://w - size 12K - 26-Sep-96
  • Biomass Power Industry
  • Public and Private Programs to Increase Biomass and Soil Carbon in the US 5.6.3   PUBLIC AND PRIVATE PROGRAMS TO INCREASE BIOMASS AND SOIL C - size 19K -
  • Hemp Canada makes biomass for energy information available.
  • DOE's Bioenergy Initiative
  • Agrilab is a company which has developed an alternative fuel heating system that uses the energy from biomass decomposition to heat large greenhouse complexes and any other agricultural buildings
  • Co-generation and Geothermal


  • The Geothermal Resources Association Website
  • The GeoExchange Information Center site "facilitates outreach, communications, technology transfer, networking, and the exchange af information related to geothermal or ground-source heating and cooling."
  • Geothermal energy at Sandia National Laboratories in the southwestern USA
  • International Geothermal Association
  • U.S. Department of Energy - Geothermal Energy Technical Site. This is a technically oriented web site dealing with Geothermal Energy. Look here for the latest DOE Geothermal Project Research Summaries.
  • US DOE Geothermal Technologies Pbuildrogram comprise impressively detailed resources on the subject.
  • Geothermal Information and Technology Transfer Site
  • The Geothermal Resources Council
  • Virginia Tech Geothermal Data Through this Web server, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University's Department of Geological Sciences identifies optimum geothermal development sites, provides resource data for the eastern United States, and facilitate access to other sources of background information about related technologies.
  • GEOCRACK is a program for the analysis and design of Hot Dry Rock geothermal energy reservoirs.
  • Small Hydro

  • The Canadian Hydropower Association
  • The Ontario Waterpower Association
  • The International Small-hydro Atlas: developed by the IEA's Hydropower Programme, a resource for developers to assist with resource, technological and regulatory issues related to small-hydro projects.
  • Low Impact Hydro Institute (LIHI)
  • Dam-Reservoir Impact Info-Archive maintained in Ottawa.
  • Canadian Hydro Developers
  • Micro Hydro power station design site has lots of technical data and resources for designers
  • Solar Plus is a complete Renewable Energy supplier, offering Consulting, Design, Installation and Sales of solar, micro-hydro, wind energy.
  • Mardon Erbland's small hydro links
  • National Performance of Dams Program Website maintained gy Dr. Martin McCann of Stanford
  • PowerTel Utilities is active in the small hydro business in Ontario
  • The Magrath Energy Corporation small hydro pages
  • Descriptions of the different types of large hydropower systems, economic data for facilities now in operation, and details on the non-energy benefits of U.S. installations are posted on the DOE's Hydropower Web site EREN's Related Hydropower Sites page found at This site includes a link to the DOE Hydropower Web site and to a wealth of other resources covering this mature technology.
  • To obtain guidelines on assessing whether or not the installation of your own small-scale hydropower system makes sense, download a copy of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse brief, "Is a Micro-Hydroelectric System Feasible for You?" posted in the Consumer Energy Information section of EREN at This site
  • Blue Energy Tidal Power Website
  • Hydro information links suggested by the government of Hawaii
  • The Underwater Electric Kite is a company with a system for generating power underwater, using natural water flows.
  • International Centre for Hydropower is an international association of organizations involved in hydropower, based in Norway
  • Diving Services has 30 years experience working with Ontario Hydro and the private sector on Hydroelectric generation stations
  • Solar

  • Solar Energy Society of Canada, Inc. (SESCI).
  • SESCI's new website
  • "Solar Buzz" Canadian listings
  • EuroREX, the European Renewable Energy Exchange s the world's first renewable energy commercial World Wide Web (WWW) site devoted exclusively to the commercial promotion of renewable energy in Europe
  • European Solar Energy Association
  • Go Solar Power is a directory with hundreds of Solar Power sites
  • A listing of Solar and Renewable Energy Conferences for the coming months and years.
  • The International Solar Energy Society headquartered in Freiburg, Germany
  • Centre for Photovoltaic Devices at the University of New South Wales in Australia
  • Solar Energy International (SEI) provides "hands-on" education and technical assistance for planning, designing, and building renewable energy systems and environmentally friendly homes.
  • DEMOSITE of the International centre for the presentation of photovoltaic construction elementsat the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Lausanne
  • ISB's Photovoltaic-Laboratory in Switzerland
  • Material on Solar Energy maintained by Raymond J. Bahm and Associates in Albuquerque, NM USA
  • A Self-Sufficient Solar House in the City of Freiburg, Germany
  • A Canadian solar company Sovran Energy Inc. maintains a web site
  • the Alberta Renewable Energy Test Site
  • The Zero Energy Building Project.
  • Solar Evaluation Services has a good www site
  • 3-D Software(tm) Solar Energy & Architecture Index has a number of interesting links.
  • The Swiss organization LESO-PB maintains a very impressive Page of links to servers with renewable energy information
  • The PV Power Resource Site is billed as "... a site for the coordination and dissemination of information on global photovoltaic (PV) technologies, applications, history, and resources." Information posted here is categorized according to the following and other headings: industry and technology updates, identification of companies involved with various aspects of the industry, available training and employment opportunities, industry events, and frequently asked questions about PV technologies.
  • The World Radiation Data Centre is the source for information on how much sunshine falls where.
  • Specialty Concepts Inc. Manufactures equipment for PV installations, and maintains a website with links to many other PV sites.
  • International Energy Agency SolarPACES ProgramThe IEA's Program for Solar Thermal Power and Chemical Energy Systems (SolarPACES) facilitates collaboration between the research and industrial communities to hasten the development and application of concentrating technologies for electric generation and chemical energy systems for production of energy carriers, detoxification of hazardous wastes and chemical processing.
  • Florida Solar Energy Center
  • Sunelco
  • Photovoltaics Program -- U.S. Department of EnergyThis latest site addition to EREN offers a wealth of information about solar electric (photovoltaic or PV) technology. Illustrations, photographs, and text are used to present case studies of terrestrial applications of PV systems, information about the history of the technology, descriptions of the photovoltaic effect and the solar resource, and discussions of cell, array, and system configurations.
  • National Solar Thermal Test Facility Research performed for the U.S. Department of Energy at Sandia National Laboratories' National Solar Thermal Test Facility (NSTTF) continues to hasten the development and maturation of concentrating technologies for generating electricity, destroying hazardous wastes, processing materials and a variety of other industrial applications.
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems is a member of the Solar Energy Research Association (Forschungsverbund Sonnenenergie) and the European Renewable Energy Centres (EUREC) Agency. Go to the Institute's Web site to learn about its research, development, and demonstration project activities and facilities.
  • Solar Electric Specialties Co. Solar Electric Specialties manufactures photovoltaic (PV) system components and distributes integrated power systems. Visit this site and read about SES products and packaged systems, use the glossary provided to look up industry terms, learn more about the many aspects of the technology in SES's Frequently Asked Questions section, and download online versions of the company's newsletter.
  • Alternative Energy Systems, Inc.Alternative Energy Systems (AES) designs and installs renewable energy and hybrid generating systems, conducts energy conservation assessments, specifies and applies measures for saving energy, manages projects during implementation, and installs advanced control and monitoring systems.
  • The US National Center for Photovoltaics
  • Powermat Mfg. Inc. has manufactured Powermat solar heating systems for swimming pools for over 16 years.
  • Solar Plus is a complete Renewable Energy supplier, offering Consulting, Design, Installation and Sales of solar, micro-hydro, wind energy.
  • Solar Attic Home Page features solar heating and ventilation technology solutions.
  • Echo Systeme Echo Systeme provides design, installation, and consultation services for applying solar water and space heating systems, renewable energy generation systems (photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric), solar cookers, and other alternative energy technologies. The content for the Echo Systeme Web site is presented entirely in French and includes educational information and detailed schematics for many of the systems the company services.
  • Solar Institute Juelich The Fachhochschule Aachen Polytechnic's Solar Institute - Juelich conducts research and development on decentralized electric, hybrid, and thermal energy systems. Also includes information on renewable energy training and coursework.
  • The El Paso Solar Energy Association seeks to hasten the application of solar technologies in northern and southern New Mexico and western Texas.
  • Photocomm, Inc. According to its home page, Photocomm is "...the nation's largest publicly-owned manufacturer and marketer of wireless solar electric power systems." Information about the company, its products and services, and a list of its applications/products for stand-alone photovoltaic systems are presented.
  • Simpler Solar Systems
  • Conserval Engineering features award-winning technology used to solar heat large buildings and for crop drying.
  • ConSolar's web site
  • Go SolarGo Solar specializes in the design and installation of solar pool and watering heating systems and solar electric and wind energy generation systems. The company also distributes solar-powered toys and educational kits from an office showroom that has operated free of utility generated electricity since 1993. Visit Go Solar's Web site to learn more about its products and services and to order a copy of the new "Solar Electric Design Guide and Catalog."
  • Solar Now is "Dedicated to promoting education about renewable energy and the environment"
  • ICP Canada Inc. manufactures solar chargers in Montreal.
  • Georgia Tech University Center of Excellence for Photovoltaics Research and Education
  • PV Users Mailing List Subscribers to this mailing list are encouraged to share their experiences with solar electric (photovoltaic or PV) systems and gain insight by asking questions of other subscribers. A unique feature of the PV Users Mailing List is that the administrator attempts to locate guest "speakers" who would be willing to post brief messages to share their knowledge about the technology.
  • ASE Americas, Inc. produces crystalline silicon solar electric (photovoltaic or PV) modules and supplies their PV cells and module laminates to equipment manufacturers.
  • Keep It Simple Systems
  • T*SOL software is a tool for designing and simulating solar heating systems.
  • Australian Solarcar EV event for January 1998
  • BP Solar
  • Sunmotor International Ltd. "Specialists in Solar Water Pumps"
  • "Solar Electricity. Engineering of Photovoltaic Systems" (1995 edition)
  • Canrom Photovoltaics Inc. (Email Address:
  • Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc. are manufacturers of patented Solar Photo Voltaic powered portable greenhouse to grow different crops.
  • SolarPACES is the International Energy Agency's Solar Thermal and Chemical Energy Systems Program
  • Greenpeace's Solar Pioneers Website the goal of which is to inform the public about grid-interactive solar rooftop systems, giving them the knowledge they need to confidently purchase a system.
  • Northern California Solar Energy Society
  • SOLTEK Solar Energy Ltd. #2 - 745 Vanalman Ave. Victoria, BC V8Z 3B6
  • Advanced Glazings Limited says it manufactures the worlds first cost effective transparent insulation for passive solar hot water systems, passive solar heating, Trombe Walls, energy efficient greenhouses and day/sky lighting applications. PO Box 277, 65E Memorial Drive North Sydney NS B2A 3M3 Canada phone: 902-794-2899 fax: 902-794-1869 email:
  • SunWind Inc. is an educational service that provides information on a range of solar and wind energy applications.
  • Generation Solar is an advanced renewable energy company that can supply products and consultation services for residential, commercial, agricultural or home installation of solar, wind, hydroelectric and other types of systems.
  • Sandia National Laboratories Photovoltaics Program is a non-profit, government organization with the goal of ensuring that photovoltaic systems perform to their potential by conducting photovoltaic research and testing.
  • The German Aerospace Center website describes the Centre's activities in the area of solar thermal, solar chemistry and the solar furnace. It links to various solar activities worldwide, for example the SolarPACES and AG-SOLAR North-Rhine Westphalia and to the biggest European test center for solar applications. The DLR is a member of the IEA (International Energy Agency) and presently the national coordinators of the SolarPACES. Go to the web site to learn about its research, development, and demonstration project activities and facilities.
  • Ecolend says it provides funding for the purchase/construction of new buildings and the renovation of existing homes and commercial buildings to use active and passive solar systems and other ecologically friendly building products.
  • Kyocera Solar Inc. provides engineered solar energy applications including turnkey arrangements and has "thousands" of customers worldwide.
  • carries renewable energy products and high-efficiency appliances. It is the creator of the 24-pound Solar Power Pack that provides energy on the go.
  • Wind

  • CREST's list of wind energy associations from around the world
  • American Wind Energy Association
  • The Colorado Wind Power Web site is to inform Colorado consumers about their options to buy wind power. The Web site allows consumers to sign up for wind power from any of 18 electric utility companies located throughout the state.
  • The Canadian Wind Energy Association
  • A newer site for AWEA, as mentioned in Wind Energy Monthly newsletter
  • Wind Energy Technology at Sandia National Laboratories in the southwestern USA
  • You can plan your own wind electric system
  • Wind Turbine Research Group in the U.K.
  • The homepage of the Finnish Wind Power Association.
  • National Wind Technology Center The National Renewable Energy Laboratory's National Wind Technology Center (NWTC) Web site offers information about the potential of wind energy in the marketplace, doing business with the NWTC, wind turbine research, and avian issues. Access to the NWTC's most recent documents and Wind Resource Database, discussions of the current status of wind turbine technologies, and a virtual tour of the NWTC site are also available.
  • Windpower Monthly
  • Marlec Engineering Co.Ltd manufactures a range of compact wind power generators for home, marine,business and educational uses.
  • The IEA Wind Newsletter
  • The IEA Wind Turbine R&D Website
  • Solar Plus is a complete Renewable Energy supplier, offering Consulting, Design, Installation and Sales of solar, micro-hydro, wind energy.
  • TREC, the Toronto Renewable Energy Co-op is planing to erect a wind turbine in the Toronto area.
  • EoleLocated in Quebec, Eole is an initiative of French-speaking countries to promote wind energy technologies. The Eole Web site is entirely in French and offers historical information on and images of windmills and wind energy conversion systems; discussions of the attributes of large- and medium-scale turbines, the issues relating to wind energy as a "green" power source, and how the technology works; a summary of the applications of wind turbines worldwide; details about the largest vertical access turbine installation in the world located in Quebec; an online atlas with links to wind speed data for Canada, the U.S., France, and other locations; economic information about the technology; and a global list of equipment manufacturers.
  • The British Wind Energy Association features links to many other wind energy sites.
  • Atlantic Orient Corporation
  • Communications International, Inc. supplies packaged photovoltaic and wind energy systems and related equipment as well as solar-powered outdoor lights and solar pool heating kits.
  • The Wind Service Holland server includes recent news about applications of wind technology in the Netherlands, links to wind equipment manufacturers worldwide, tabular data on new system installations, an interactive map of Holland's wind farms, and collections of international links to other wind resource maps, photographic images of working systems, and wind-related Web sites.
  • Douglas Johnson, Jacobs Authorized Wind Energy Dealer also sells other lines of wind turbines, and provides links to dozens of other sites.
  • Tacke Wind Power

  • The Wind Fund is an investment company which finances small-scale wind power and hydro-electric schemes in the UK.
  • Atlantic Orient Corporation Canada
  • carries renewable energy products and high-efficiency appliances. It is the creator of the 24-pound Solar Power Pack that provides energy on the go.
  • Energy Efficiency Services

  • The Canadian Energy Efficiency Centre
  • The Association of Energy Service Professionals Home Page
  • National Association of Energy Service Companies
  • Business Communications Company publishes a great deal in the area of energy and energy conservation (newsletters and magazines).
  • One of their periodicals is "Energy Conservation News"
  • Energy Efficient Building Association, Inc. The Energy Efficient Building Association (EEBA) Web site offers online documents describing their mission, history, functions, programs, and membership options. Background information about attending, sponsoring, and participating at their annual conference and exposition; a draft of their "Criteria" for designing, constructing, and rehabilitating residential and small commercial buildings; and ordering information for available EEBA publications can also be obtained here.
  • The World Energy Efficiency Association Home Page
  • The Pacific Northwest Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Online Magazine
  • Int'l Ass'n for Energy Efficent Lighting
  • Energy Management Ass'n of New Zealand
  • The Residential Energy Efficiency Database is a useful resource especially for those involved in building science.
  • Enermodal Engineering Site has information on two sustainable buildings and downloadable software of interest to building designers.
  • Manitoba EMTF (Energy Management Task Force) is a non-profit, volunteer organization that promotes energy management through education.
  • The Beijing Energy Efficiency Centre
  • The National Residential Energy Services Network
  • New York Energy Efficiency Council A nonprofit organization of businesses which promotes commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential energy efficiency; distributes information promoting energy saving technologies; and researches, evaluates, and informs decision makers about the status and efficacy of demand-side management programs and policies.
  • Energy Group Limited employs the pooled resources of four companies to provide an integrated energy management consulting service.
  • Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
  •">US DOE Office of Codes and standards
  • Russian Centre for Energy Efficiency
  • Spin-x Spindryer an energy saving clothes dryer, UL approved
  • Fuel Cells

  • The Schatz Energy Research Center (SERC)
  • Ballard Power Systems Inc.
  • H Power Corporation produces proton-exchange membrane, or PEM, fuel cell systems.
  • Hotlinks that involve more than one of the above technologies

  • The California Independent Energy Producers Association (IEPA)
  • The Green Energy Resource Alliance (GreenERA)
  • Sunpower Inc. Free-piston Stirling engines for electricity production from biomass and solar thermal concentrators, energy-efficient cooling, food refrigeration, water pumping, and domestic cogeneration are the specialty of Sunpower, Inc. A profile of the company, depictions of ongoing projects and business opportunities, a list of publications, descriptions of job openings, photos and schematics of hardware prototypes, product brochures, and technical papers can be downloaded from the Sunpower home page.
  • WSW Systems
  • Occidental Power combines solar energy and gas-fired cogeneration system installations.
  • The Asia Alternative Energy Program (ASTAE) was established in 1992 to work with mainstream alternative energy in the World Bank's power sector lending operations in Asia. ASTAE supports a broad portfolio of alternative energy projects and activities throughout Asia. The website points to more information on existing and proposed World Bank/GEF-supported renewable energy and energy efficiency operations in Asia, best practices and lessons learned for alternative energy development, ASTAE's background and strategies, and recently developed alternative energy products. (Review provided by Claudio Ramirez, Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.)
  • Delta DC Power offers a range of products and services for those using or developing DC power systems. The site also features an extensive directory of internet links to technical resources of interest to power project developers.
  • TrueFuel(TM) from Advanced Energy Research Corporation, plans to make a less polluting carbon and hydrogen-based fuel widely available for power generation and other purposes.
  • Canadian Aboriginal and First Nation Energy and Resource Links

  • The Canada First Nations Web Site" is a good starting point
  • Bill Henderson, a Toronto-based lawyer maintains an extensive Page of links to aboriginal resources on the WWW
  • In addition, Bill Henderson's siteoffers a range of Canadian aboriginal resources centred on legal information.
  • Aboriginal Peoples and Natural Resources in Canada Explores the constraints and opportunities which aboriginal people encounter in their efforts to use renewable and non-renewable resources. publication #ISBN 1-895712-03-3, cost is $35 for the 337 page book. To order, call (416)736-5537.
  • McLeod Wood Associates is a company that offers a range of consulting, project development, business planning, financial management, internet and organizational services, and which has worked extensively in the Ontario electricity sector and with First Nations

  • IPPSO has sponsored two conferences on First Nations and independent energy, and proceedings are available by calling IPPSO at (416) 322-6549
  • IPPSO's Directory also lists a number of energy-oriented aboriginal resources. Contact IPPSO at 416-322-6549 for more information.
  • For general US-based aboriginal resources on the Net, try the Native American Indian Web Site
  • IGC-related aboriginal resources on the Net
  • Ontario Hydro's Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Business Services
  • NativeWeb "The white man says there is freedom and justice for all. We have had "freedom and justice," and that is why we have been almost exterminated. We shall not forget this." -- 1927 Grand Council of American Indians

    NativeWeb is a vast collection of Native resources exploring the identities, traditions, knowledge, and cultures of the world's indigenous peoples. The nations of Latin America, North America, Oceania, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Arctic are celebrated. Art, music, language, literature, and spirituality are but a few of the areas developed here. Visitors will also find lists of journals, organizations, and academic sources. David Cole is the NativeWebmaster.

  • US Bureau of Indian Affairs Energy and Mineral Resources Home Page
  • Power Exchanges and System operators

    General Electrical Energy Information Resources

  • Clean Energy Finance Edited by Michael Philips of Energy Ventures International, Clean Energy Finance brings "News About Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Investment in Emerging Markets" to the World Wide Web.
  • The Electric Utility Restructuring Web site on EREN provides a comprehensive source of information about the subject, including a weekly update of restructuring activities around the country. The Web site was recently enhanced to include all back issues of the Electric Utility Restructuring Weekly Update, providing a detailed resource for investigating the subject.
  • Ennsynergy runs an extensive website loaded with detailed information on electricity restructuring and regulatory issues, largely pertaining to Ontario. In here you will find detailed information on the market rules, the technical work behind them, opportunities for online discussion, indexes to regulatory documents that are available nowhere else, and more. This is a very innovative site that is using java-enhanced techniques to make it easier for people to get involved in the details of electricity restructuring.
  • Energy Central an extensive and wide- ranging energy information resource
  • US government Electricity Price Projections (Forecasts)
  • US Energy Information Administration - Status of Electric Industry Restructuring by State
  • Energy Technology Data Exchange
  • The Electric Utility WWW Resource List, compiled by Mardon J. Erbland
  • A Public Online Discussion Group about Utility Restructuring, jurisdiction by jurisdiction with an emphasis on energy efficiency and renewables
  • The Energy Resource Online service includes tips for consumers, energy news and information, an "Energy University," a virtual energy store and more.
  • ElectricNet Online Directory is a free buyer's guide and resource locator for electric power professionals. It has over 6000 links to products, services, companies, organizations, publications and events pertaining to the electrical power industry.
  • For all sorts of market data on Canadian electricity and natural gas, Click here for Canadian Energy Markets Monthly Newsletter
  • For links to all sorts of energy information on the Net, the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation is a good first step.
  • Or try The Energy Data Page
  • The Grid Wise Home Page has much detailed information on the business of power generation, transmission and distribution business.
  • "Power Pools" describes itself as "the power industry's online service"
  • Power Publications Menu lists all sorts of publications
  • North American Electric Reliability Council
  • Electric Power Research Institute
  • Electric Industry News
  • Electric Industry Web Resources
  • THERMIE a wide range of energy information resulting from the associated measures of the European Commission's THERMIE programme
  • European Commission Directorate General XVII (Energy) Making the European Community's internal energy market a reality, guaranteeing the security of energy supplies at reasonable costs, and encouraging the efficient use of energy and the application of renewable energy technologies through programs such as ALTENER, THERMIE, and SAVE are among the objectives of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Energy (DG XVII). Browse this Web site to gather information about these objectives and programs and to learn how the European Community intervenes through the DG XVII to support energy network development.
  • Euro Pages - The European Business Directory lists numerous energy-related companies; also has an extensive on-line service with many energy-related links
  • "The Electronic Environment and Energy Directory"
  • The Catholic University of Chile's Power Systems Group
  • The Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility deals in all aspects of nuclear issues that have a Canadian bearing, including uranium mining, health effects, reactor safety, alternative energy policies, weapons proliferation, plutonium MOX fuel, reprocessing, decommissioning, and HLW management.
  • The Nuclear-Free Future award
  • For a bunch of anti-nuclear linksClick here
  • For information and current data on the construction industry, you can use Construction On Line
  • The Environmental Business Network
  • an extensive list of scientific and not-so-scientific environmental links
  • A visit to the Global Energy Network International website will acquaint you with plans for an international energy grid, originally inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller.
  • Canada's Voluntary Challenge and Registry is a multi-sectir effort to control atmospheric emissions voluntarily.
  • Western Electric Power Institute
  • BC Hydro's sustainable development pages
  • Evantage described as the most comprehensive source of energy-related products and services available
  • A new site with utility data by Michael L. Metzler: Author of The Utility Connection contains "comprehensive financial and statistical data for several hundred investor owned and municipal electric utilities."
  • The International Energy Foundation and ENERGEX'2000
  • The Link Exchange's Surf Point on electrical power
  • Fieldston Publications produces newsletters and services in the coal, rail and environmental arenas including such titles as AIR Daily, Clean Air Compliance Review, COAL Daily, Coal Transportation Report, Intermodal Business, and Rail Business.
  • Energy Info Source electric industry information service
  • Power Technology Website calls itself "the website for the power industry" this includes extensive information on conferences, products, services, associations, power technology projects, an extensive company index, etc.
  • The Canadian Electricity Forum publishes Electricity Today magazine and runs technical forums on issues of interest in the industry

  • Other utilities with web sites:

  • Hydro Mississauga
  • Toronto Hydro
  • BC Hydro
  • BC Hydro's environment section
  • Newfoundland Power
  • Other Canadian Utilities listed in Newfoundland Power's web site
  • BC Hydro's Wholesale Transmission Services
  • The City of Calgary Electric System
  • The New York Power Authority
  • A page of links to electric and gas utilities around the world
  • XENERGY's page of links to retail wheeling sites
  • Companies with Services of value to the alternative energy industry, not listed in sector categories above

    E.S. Fox Ltd. is a multi-faceted organization providing clients with a single source for a broad spectrum of their construction, fabrication and engineering requirements.

    C-MAC Energy & Systems Division provides a number of technical products and services useful to the electrical industry

    Next Wave Energy is a consulting service with abilities to help in a range of technical areas like economic analysis, business development and financial services.

    Other interesting links:

    1. John MacMillian's web site provides detailed information and pictures of his off-grid earth sheltered home and hydroelectric system.
    2. The FutureRingFutureRing is for examining the Future; what it might look like, what philosophies we'll use then, what sort of technologies we'll need... They strongly encourage the participation of sites dealing in solar, wind and other Appropriate/Alternative technologies- including Social Technologies.
    3. American Public Power Association
    4. Edison Electric Institute
    5. Electric Power Research Institute
    6. Gas Research Institute
    7. National Energy Information Centre
    8. National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
    9. National Rural Electric Co-operative Assn.
    10. US Energy Department
    11. Power Marketers Association
    12. Environment Links for the Earth or Elearth is a web-based clearinghouse for environment-related information. It is a channel for information-exchange for people interested in environmental issues around the world.
    13. FPL Group Provides power plant, electric utility and fiber-optic services through Florida Power & Light (electricity company), FPL Energy (generation / production), FPL FiberNet (fiber-optic telecommunications services)