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Do NOT start another fundraising campaign until you first…
Learn how we have helped thousands of college, high school, and youth teams raise $4,000 to $6,000 in less than one hour before practice.

Dear Coach or Fundraising Organizer:

Fundraising.  The word probably makes you cringe, but how else are you going to pay for an upcoming road trip, new uniforms, or training equipment your team really needs?

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend all of your time focused on coaching your athletes…instilling positive values…improving their athletic skills…and, of course, putting more ‘W’s on the board?

The good news is the days of organizing car washes, going door-to-door selling products, and working concession stands are over!
Never again will you have to endure another candy fundraiser, magazine fundraiser, or scratch card fundraiser that promises to deliver enormous profits yet always takes longer than expected and raises less than anticipated.

As an official fund-raising partner of nine national coaching associations, we specialize in helping sports teams earn thousands of dollars in less than one hour before practice.  There’s no sports fundraising system that has proven to be better, faster, or easier for athletic teams to raise meaningful amounts of money. 

We have helped over 3,500 teams in all sports -- from NCAA national champions to youth travel teams raise thousands of dollars quickly, painlessly, and hassle-free.  The entire effort takes about 45 minutes and there’s NO upfront fee, NO financial risk, and you are GUARANTEED to earn a profit.

If you need a sports fund raising idea that really works, please fill out the form above and we’ll immediately E-mail you custom information describing how the fundraiser works.  You’ll learn about an athletic fundraising idea that can earn your team $4,000+ quickly and easily.

Sounds too good to be true but coaches at hundreds of great institutions like Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins, Utah, Wisconsin, Pepperdine, Minnesota-Duluth, and Tufts will happily tell you otherwise. 

NEVER AGAIN will you have to...

Lose money -- this happens more often than you realize!

Nag your athletes to reach their sales goal.

Ask parents to continuously fund expenses your team budget can’t cover.

Store and track inventory...Collect and submit sales orders.

Pressure coaches and parents to volunteer at a car wash, golf tournament, or auction.

Devote more than one hour to fundraising.

We’re going to show you how YOU can organize a proven and tested fundraiser (that takes about 45 minutes before practice to execute) --- even if every fundraiser you’ve done in the past has bombed miserably!

This is the SAME fundraising system that we've completed for over 3,500 teams in the last three years.  Teams of 15-20 athletes can expect to bank profits of $4,000 - $6,000.  Teams with more athletes can do even better. There are no special skills or experience required.

You will learn…

Why selling products – whether it’s candy bars, magazine subscriptions, or scratch cards – can’t generate the thousands that your team needs.

Step-by-step instructions describing how your team can raise the money it needs more quickly and easy than you ever imagined.

How candy companies, magazine publishers, and hundreds of other fundraisers want to take advantage of your athletes to generate thousands for their bottom line, not yours.

How to avoid fundraising fatigue and why it’s so important to concentrate on one select project instead of a different fundraiser each month.

Why we’re the guys to help you!

We know you may have some concerns...

After all -- who are we to be giving YOU advice about sports fundraising? And, more importantly, how can you trust what we are telling you? These are important questions you deserve to have answered.

The High School Athlete

We have been involved in the fundraising industry for 16 years.

In the 1990’s, we organized trips for several hundred high school and youth baseball teams to Puerto Rico to compete in local tournaments. Since EACH athlete needed to raise between $900 - $2,000, we found ourselves immersed in the fundraising industry.

In order to come up with the money, we watched our teams sell candy bars, tee shirts, cookie dough, magazine subscriptions, and scratch cards, organize car washes, bake sales, spaghetti dinners, and golf tournaments. They begged for spare change at the local mall, pleaded with merchants for cash sponsorships, and knocked on hundreds of doors in their neighborhoods. The bottom line: …you name it, and they tried it! Unfortunately, nothing worked.

After a decade of watching athletes just like yours struggle to raise money with every fundraiser imaginable, it dawned on us: There had to be a better way. For every athlete who raised a couple of hundred of dollars selling his heart out, hundreds came home empty handed, frustrated and disappointed. (By the way, today, our top individual fundraiser -- a 12 year-old Florida soccer player -- earned $4,200 all by himself! )

From many fundraising organizers, we heard things like: “Our fundraiser of the month strategy sure cost us dearly in time and money” or “Our garage is stacked full of candy bars and tee shirts our players couldn't GIVE AWAY -- never mind sell!”

So, we set our sites on finding a fundraising solution that would allow an athlete to raise meaningful amounts of money without having to sell anything, knock on doors, or spend weeks planning events.  We also wanted to give coaches back the time and the energy that they were losing to unproductive fundraising efforts.

We discovered an approach that works!

Athletes and parents like it because they don’t have to sell anything door-to-door and it takes minutes.

Supporters appreciate it because there’s no knock on the door or pressure to buy unwanted products.

Coaches love it because it requires so little work and raises thousands of dollars.

When we first announced our new fundraising system, we were overwhelmed by the positive response. Our phone has not stopped ringing from coaches and fundraising organizers eager to use a system that can solve their problems.

Take a look at our track record…

Helped over 3,500+ college, high school, and youth/travel teams and leagues.

Put over $4 million of fundraising profits into the sports world.

Teamed up with dozens of leagues, travel companies, and tournaments -- Euro Sportring, Coast to Coast Athletics, United Soccer Academy, Basketball Travelers, Spring Break Tennis, Eurotech and Cooperstown All Star Village, to name a few.

Earn the endorsement of 9 national coaching associations in soccer, baseball, field hockey, lacrosse, basketball, wrestling, and ice hockey.

So you can feel confident knowing that we’re not just some "flash in the pan", and we're not trying to turn your athletes into a sales force for products no one really wants to buy.

Our system is ready for you to take advantage of right now, with no limits or restrictions.

Take action today for better fundraising results

If you continue on the same path, doing the same old fundraisers, will the kind of profits we've shown here be within your reach? Or will you continue, stuck in a rut, with the same mediocre results?

We can't promise you will earn the money you need using our fundraising system, but most teams do. We've already helped thousands of teams earn $4,000+ and we’re confident you can have similar results.

COLLEGE BOUND ATHLETES click here! The High School Athlete ALL SPORTS TEAMS / LEAGUES click here!
SPECIAL OFFER!! "call 800-376-5988 ask for Jordan! and mention Bill Pauhl to receive a free $25 gas card"