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Hamilton Magazine Cover
Robyn was on the front cover of the Hamilton Magazine in the Fall 2003 edition.
It was feature on local jazz artists modeling Hamilton fashion.

CD Release Party
*Robyn had her first CD Release Party on Friday, July 4, 2003 at Hamilton Place Studio Theatre. The night was a great success. There was over 180 people in attendance who loved Robyn's performance. She sold many CDs that night and more importantly expanded her fan base. Robyn would like to thank everyone who supported her on July 4, for the celebration of Robyn's first Jazz and Blues CD.

*All songs are produced and arranged by Robyn herself and recorded at Reaction Studio in Toronto. This CD is NOW available.


Musician Quotes
Adrean Farrugia:“Over the last ten years I have had the pleasure of performing with many singers that cover a broad range of styles and influences. Robyn Pauhl is without a doubt the most talented young singer I have had the opportunity to work with. She exhibits a great level of maturity as well as a depth of expression that is rare in many vocalists, even twice her age. She already has a strong personal style and I'm looking forward to hearing her and working with her in the years to come.”

Darren LaChance: “Robyn is one of the most talented people I have seen in my many years of playing. As a teacher and a friend of Robyn’s, I have seen first hand her persistence and her developing maturity as a singer and a musician. I know that Robyn is ready for the world and the world is ready for her!”

Dee Kaye: "Robyn's dynamic voice can warm you like hot chamomile with a spoonful of wild honey. Her instrument can effortlessly stir you... fast or slow. Spice? of course... whether you like it hot, cool and refreshing, sweet or spicy, Robyn quenches all thirsts with her sultry delivery, diverse musicality and impeccable technique."

Mark Inneo: "Robyn's voice, versatility and professionalism are all way beyond her years. I'm so excited to be working with her at this early stage in her career; and can hardly wait to see the adventure that lies ahead of this very talented young artist!"

Mike Malone: “I’ve been listening to Robyn with the Hamilton All Star Jazz Band over the last few years and have heard her improve steadily from the beginning. She’s handled these sessions with professionalism that belies her youth. It’s been a pleasure to work with her and this great young rhythm section on this recording.”

Mark McIntyre: “Robyn is listening! Whether we are playing music or talking about it she is all ears. A musician who is not afraid to do things her own way. Very driven and focused both in performance and growth.”

Hamilton's Robyn Pauhl Does It Her Way On New CD
By Graham Rockingham- The Hamilton Spectator

Robyn Pauhl is just 19 and she's already learned that if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself.

So when she decided it was time to record her first album, Pauhl took it upon herself to pull together a band of top-notch musicians, select the songs, arrange, and produce them. The Hamilton teen, who will be showing off her work at Hamilton Place Studio Theatre Friday night, has done it all like a seasoned pro.

"It's all me," Pauhl says about the nine songs of traditional jazz and blues standards on One for My Baby. "I figured that to get something happening, it had to be done myself. People don't just walk up to you and offer you things. It's just the way I wanted it done and it came out perfectly. "

Pauhl sings with the power, range and poise of a much more experienced performer, whether to the sultry Latin rhythm of Duke Ellington's Caravan, the rollicking barrelhouse blues of Little by Little, or the sentimental Judy Garland favourite Over the Rainbow.

The title track, Harold Arien's One For My Baby, ties it all together into a package, songs about relationships, some good, some bad, and hope the next one will be that works.

It helps, of course, to get an early start. Pauhl started her singing career at the age of 11, winning top honours at local singing competitions, including the Ontario Country Music Association's Rising Star Award, and the Canadian National Exhibition's Country Singing Contest. She has opened shows for George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Michelle Wright, Prairie Oyster and Carol Wellsman.

Pauhl's also attending Humber College in Toronto full time, entering her second year of a three-year diploma program in jazz vocals this September. She commutes from her mother's home in Hamilton. While other students flip hamburgers to help out with expenses, Pauhl plays jazz gigs and records CDs.

Although she started out as a child country singer, Pauhl caught the jazz bug while at Westmount Secondary under the tutelage of Russ Weil, founder and director of the Hamilton All-Star Jazz Band, quickly climbing to the position of lead vocalist before leaving the band for Humber College.

In February, she went into Toronto's Reaction Studio with six hand-picked musicians from the local scene for three six-hour sessions. Pauhl made the decision to record live from the floor.

"In a lot of rock and pop songs, the band records their bed track and then the singer overdubs after them," she explains. "I wanted it to have more of a live feel so I recorded in a separate booth while the band was playing. We recorded a couple of takes of each song and that was it. I wanted to play off each other. It's jazz."

The recording technique allowed for plenty of room for creativity. Some of the soloing is superb. Adrean Farrugia is another graduate of the All-Stars whose contribution on piano is outstanding, especially on the opening track Midnight Sun and the closer One For My Baby. Mike Malone, who teaches jazz at Mohawk College, commands a trumpet that complements but never crowds Pauhl's piercing voice. Darren LaChance's guitar brings the band down to earth for the bluesy Someone Else is Steppin' In. Mark Inneo, on drums, and Mark McIntyre, on bass, keep the package as one. The power of Dee Kaye's voice on the duet Little By Little helps push Pauhl out of the traditional jazz envelope.

Pauhl has never been a follower of fashion. While her junior high school chums were following the latest TV-created pop star, she was chasing Patsy Cline. As her peers graduated to alternative rock, Pauhl was listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Chet Baker. She now admits to a secret love of classic rock, Steve Miller, the Eagles, that sort of thing.

"In five years time, I could change to something else," she says of her varied musical tastes. "It's just like being an actor, you don't have to be a comedian for your entire career. I've done country. I've done jazz, blues, Latin funk ... at my shows at bars I play rock and blues, so I do everything. I don't want to be restricted doing just one style."

Celebrity Quotes
Robyn Pauhl's single recording "I Saw Him Standing There" is a remarkable cover of a legendary Beatles song. At nineteen years old, she has left an incredible impression on the music industry. Lee Pincus from GPS Music Group; New York (Publisher of many legendary artists such as Patsy Cline and the Beatles) had this to say after hearing Robyn sing 'I Saw Him Standing There':

"I think the question is not whether Robyn Pauhl is as good a singer as Lee Ann Rimes, but whether Lee Ann Rimes is as good a singer as Robyn Pauhl."

Michelle Wright states that Robyn will be " Canada 's Next Star" and Bruce Guthro raved about her "great pipes". Cliff Dumas states "what a great Canadian talent -- look out for Robyn Pauhl."