Details: Great Hot Tub at a Great Price - Factory Direct Sale, 3 Year Warranty

$ 3,999.00 (firm) shipping extra - direct from China or you can pick-up at our warehouse.
Brand Name
Ontario (warehouse) / China (manufacturer)


Structural Feature
Tub size: 218x218x100cm
Seat: 2 lounges +4 sit seats
Insulation around tub shell, skirt and base
Oak solid wood cabinet

Function Feature
Hydro whirl massage function
Bubble air massage function
Waterfall with multi-color star light function
Thermal water heating function
Water temperature constant
Ozone sterilization
Multi-color underwater light therapy function
FM radio receiving Function
Preset heating time and heating temperature
Prevent water frozen function
Water filtration by cartridge filter and skimmer
Water level sensor function
Computerized control function

Unique Features
Each hydro jet can be closed and opened individually based on customer requirement
You can switch off or on one seat hydro jets based on customer requirement
You can preset heating program in advance to decide the heating time and temperature.

Parts and Accessory Configuration Feature
3 HP hydro pump for hydro massage: 2 sets
1HP hydro pump for heating and circulation filtration: 1 sets
1.5 HP blower for bubble massage: 1 set
3KW heater for water heating: 1 set
Total jets: 70 sets as following detail
5 hydro jets: 3 sets
4 hydro jets: 5 sets
3 hydro jets: 7 sets
2 hydro jets: 39 sets
40mm air jets: 16 sets
Ozonator: 1 sets
Control pack including display and control box: 1 set
Multi-color underwater light: 5 sets
Multi-color star light: 4 sets
Water diverter valve: 5 sets
Waterfall: 1 set
Speakers: 2 sets
Temperature sensor: 1 sets
Water level sensor: 2 sets
3 year warranty
We are a factory direct sale. Our warehouse is located at 98 Slues Rd, Holland Landing, On, L9N 1G8.
If you want to see the tub, please inform us by email.
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