MouseOver Button Wizard Professional Version is like the freeware version, but with tons of extra features and a little bit of a new look.

Register MOBW Pro

Click here to download the evaluation version of MOBW Pro (Win 95,98,ME,2000,XP).
If you like it, you can go into the Registration-Register MOBW Pro menu in the evaluation version or click here to register the program for full use.

Here is a screen shot of the main program.

Here is a screen shot of the advanced properties of a button.

Here is a screen shot of the preview output options. Here you can completely customize frames if you activate them, the gray frame is where the buttons go, and you select it by clicking a frame.

Here is a screen shot of the image editor. The text controls allow you to position the text pixel by pixel to assure that it looks right, or center the text on the image.

And here is one last screen shot of the auto-updater which allows you to get any new versions of MOBW Pro easily.