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This site has been developed to fill a need and to assist people in finding Hamilton area contractors. Instead of searching countless different web sites looking for a tradesman in this area, with our easy to use search function Citizens of the New City of Hamilton will be able to locate and contact Hamilton Contractors quickly and efficiently. We believe that this web site will be appreciated by all.
Contractors must register to be found on this site!


You see a number of choices at the top to help you find the trade that you are looking for. All you have to do is click on your choice and a list of contractors will appear on this page and in this space. When the list appears just click on a contractors name and a page will open showing you the contractors details. When you find the contractors which you would like to meet you may call them by phone or you can email them by using the form provided on their page.

If you do not see the trade or service that you need then all you have to do is click on the 'Keyword Search' then type in the exact service that you require. Any contractors that provide that service will appear in this space. Again just click on the name of the contractor and their details will open in a new window.

Note: There are two choices in the list that require further explanation.
They will complete your project from start to finish. If they do not employ a trade required for the job they will subcontract one but basically they look after the entire project. They are most likely completely insured and licenced BUT you will always need to confirm this and check that all the necessary papers are in order and current.
There is a wide range of what is called a handyman. Some are people doing part time work and some are highly skilled and doing this work full time. Handyman services usually take on smaller projects but others may do more. You may need to contact your insurance company and advise them that someone (even family or friends) will be working on the property and he may suggust increasing your coverage until the project is completed.


To 'Post a Project' means to place your job on what is called a Tender Board. Only registered contractors can view the tender board. If they are interested in helping you and can complete the project within your required time frame they will contact you. All you do is sit back and wait for the calls!
NOTE: You must register then login to post on our tender board. Our FREE Tender Board can only be viewed by registered Trades.


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