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Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing agent that actively accepts electrons from what are more commonly known as “electron donors.” This distinction is important to understand, as all pathogenic stressors are electron donors. It is interesting to note that all healthy tissue and organisms that inhabit the human body are unaffected by chlorine dioxide.

This compound is highly volatile, and is rarely transported by industry in the form of chlorine dioxide. Most often it is moved around in its more benign state as sodium chlorite. More common applications for this compound is the use in municipal water treatment, in which chlorine dioxide is systematically being replaced across the country as the number one choice for water purification – the more conventionally used chlorine breaks down into cancerous by products.

Chlorine dioxide has been approved by the EPA decades ago in its ability to remove pathogens and contaminants like anthrax – this itself is an obvious testament to the efficacy of this compound. It is interesting to note that this molecule breaks down rapidly into carbon dioxide and water, with a half life of roughly 1 hour.

By having your own sodium chlorite and appropriate activator on hand, which is totally safe to transport, you can make your own pathogen remover that can effectively be applied to the inside of the body.

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