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News From Canada

UFO science key to halting climate change: former Canadian defense minister - Yahoo News (February 28, 2007)

Alien technology the best hope to 'save our planet:' ex-defence boss Governments must reveal what they know, says Paul Hellyer - Ottawa Citizen (February 28, 2007)

• May 9, 2006, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Press Conference on UFO Disclosure Sponsored by Exopolitics Toronto with Dr. Steven M. Greer and the Hon. Paul Hellyer. Watch the Press Conference Here or Here or Download Here

Paola Harris Interviewed Paul Hellyer at the February 2006 Toronto Exopolitics Symposium (Updated March 16, 2006)

Canada's UFOs: The Search for the Unknown - Library and Archives Canada (Updated March 7, 2006)

Proposed U.N. Decade Of Contact Would Establish Diplomatic Relations With Advanced E.T.s (Updated February 2, 2006)

Former Canadian Minister Of Defense Asks Canadian Parliament To Hold Hearings On Relations With Alien "ET" Civilizations (Updated January 9, 2006)

Canadian Exopolitics Initiative - Canadians and all world citizens - Click Here for more information on how you can send a letter to the Canadian Senate Committee Chairman to support Senate of Canada hearings on this issue. (Updated October 12, 2005)

Paul Hellyer on YouTube
Here on NBC

UFO Disclosure : Canadian Defense Minister

UFO over Montreal downtown, Canada, 1990


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