Punch Imlach once said,
"give me nine Dave Keons and I will win you a Stanley cup every year".

These fans signed the petition and made great comments !!

193. Gerry Willan... "I truly don't believe the cup will return until Dave does."
216. John Trost... From the Toronto Telegram circa 1970 ....... "how do you get the leafs started ?" Turn the KEON !!

In the minds of many, Keon is the best player ever to wear the Maple Leaf. An entire generation of Leafs fans is aching to tell him that in some sort of ceremonial way. It would have been perfect at the closing of Maple Leaf Gardens last year. Or the opening of the Air Canada Centre. Or as part of the NHL all-star game festivities.
A quarter century has gone by since Keon's messy breakup with the Leafs and their cantankerous owner, Harold Ballard. If ever a player deserved to wear a Maple Leaf on his chest from start to finish of his career, it was Keon, the Conn Smythe Trophy winner when Toronto won the Stanley Cup in 1967.
But when the World Hockey Association came calling, Ballard would not respond to the challenge and his final link to the glory days of the 1960s left town.
"I had a business deal with the Leafs that didn't work out so I had to go and work someplace else," Keon said. "Which I did. I had to move on with my life."
Ballard is long gone. Most of Keon's old teammates, shunned during that distasteful era in Leafs history, have made their peace with the organization. But not Keon-and NOT his FANS !!

Dave--please call the Maple Leaf organization and tell them you are considering plans to have your number recognized. Do it for your family-do it for your future generations and their pride in their relation to YOU.
Like I said Dave !
# 420. Laura Nemett - Dave Keon is my grandpa. I am proud of him!!!
# 585. Steven Keon... "Some things are truly deserved."
# 627. Holly Keon - As a longtime Leafs fan and a member of his family, it would mean a great deal to all of us if the Toronto Maple Leafs adopted the tradition of retiring numbers.
# 625. Eldyne Miller - Great job for so many years, Cousin Dave!
# 635. Rick Keon - Let's make the legacy official.
# 646. Lynsey Keon - Dave Keon is my Great Grampa's First Cousin.
# 691. Dillon McGee - Dave was a highly skilled player and one of the best Leafs ever. We have the same great-great grandfather, John Sloan who was also Tod Sloan's great grandfather.
# 727. Brian Watters - I am several years younger than my "cuz" and fondly remember his visits to my home when I was a young teenager. I never turned out to be much of a hockey player but always admired his skills and watched all the Leaf games evey chance I got just to watch Davey. Many years have passed and I have not seen him since the late 1960's and I understand he is living in West Palm Beach. Would sure like to pay him a visit and remenisce. He was and always will be a real classy guy and a true gentleman. B.W.
# 793. Steve Hawkins - Cause he's my uncle.
# 895. Wil Tighe - I'm a third cousin of Dave

Ballard did you wrong and we all know it but this is the only way we can put YOU back where you belong !
You missed the 1972 Canada Cup and Four more Stanley Cups with the Islanders because of Ballard not US FANS !!

HELP US your FANS put this to rest.
Dave you are our HERO and we need you back in our memories...front and center. AGAIN ! You gave us so much, I hope you understand.
P.S. Just think of all the fun you will have....WE can't wait forever.!! WE WILL make it HAPPEN !!

Dave Keon and Darrel Sitler
Dave Keon
Dave Keon retire Dave Keon's number 14 forever !! Dave Keon
Dave Keon Best Wishes...Dave Keon

NOTE: The petition is NOT endorsed by Dave Keon...just us FANS !!
Send Dave a letter:
115 Blackenwood Rd.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 USA

Thank you for your support for what I believe to be a worthy endeavour.
All the Best!!...
Bill Pauhl

The Maple Leafs retire the number of a player only when his career is ended prematurely due to death or injury. The first Leaf to have his number retired was Irvine "Ace" Bailey (#6). During a game at the Boston Garden in December 1933, Bailey was hit by Bruins defenseman Eddie Shore, arguably the fierecest player in the game at the time. Bailey was sent airborne and landed his head on the ice. He had a cut in his scalp that required sixteen stitches to close and remained in hospital for five weeks, seemingly with his life in the balance. Bailey eventually recovered but his hockey career was over. He went on to become the assistant penalty timekeeper at Maple Leaf Gardens for nearly fifty years. Ace Bailey was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1975.

Bill Barilko's #5 was the team's second number to be permanently retired after the defenseman died in plane crash only four months after scoring the winning goal in the 1951 Stanley Cup playoffs.

A number that is retired can no longer be assigned to any other player. An honoured number may still be worn on an active player's jersey. Twelve Maple Leafs have proudly had their numbers honoured and their respective banners raised to the rafters at Maple Leaf Gardens during an induction ceremony into the Leafs Honour Roll. When a player's number is honoured, the active Leaf who has been assigned that number wears a special Leaf shoulder logo on his jersey. The Maple Leaf outline remains the same, but differs in that the name of the player whose number is honoured is inscribed into the crest of the maple leaf. The special crest is worn only for the duration of the season in which the honoured player is inducted into the Leafs Honour Roll.

Retired Numbers

5- Bill Barilko 1946-1951
6- Irvine "Ace" Bailey 1927-1934

Honoured Numbers

1 - Walter "Turk" Broda 1936-43,45-52 & Johnny Bower 1958-70
7 - Francis "King" Clancy 1930-37 & Tim Horton 1949-79
9 - Ted Kennedy 1942-55,56-57 Charlie Conacher 1929-38
10 - Syl Apps 1936-48 George Armstrong 1949-71
27 - Frank Mahovlich 1956-68 & Darryl Sittler 1970-82

When the Maple Leafs moved out of Maple Leaf Gardens, George Armstrong became the last man to hold the Stanley Cup there. His #10 is an 'Honored Number' by the Leafs, no longer issued.


I took the liberty

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