Great Net Site, thanks Bill

Do you know what number Davey wore when he played for St. Michael's College Majors?

I'm thinking about buying a new St. Mikes jersey and sewing on Keon and his Jr. A number.

Thanks again.

Peter McMurtrie


I went to the Gardens for the unofficial Davey Keon night, when he came back to MLG for the first time with Hartford Whalers and Gordie Howe. Leafs won 3 to 1 and all the fans were cheering for Hartford! Davey and Gordie both got goals that night.
Davey was introduced last and I was so choked up for the national anthem, I could not sing. Tears were running down my cheeks......and I wasn't the only one.
Previous to the game (I had never done this before) I made up a Welcome Home Davey banner and asked if I could hang it up behind the goal (end blues?) . The people in the office said okay.
The next day my banner appeared on the front page of the Toronto Star!
After the game I got Gordie and a bunch of the leafs to sign it, but I could not find Keon. (John Anderson was so pissed off at the Toronto crowd, he refused to sign it.)
Apparently before that game, old Connie Smythe had his driver bring him down from the farm (he was in a wheelchair by then) to thank Davey and apologize for the shabby way he'd been treated by Stafford's old cronies.
After saying "no visitors" Davey consented when he learned that it was Mr. Smythe at the dressing room door and they had a short but emotional meeting.
What a classy move that was by Conn eh? Apparently he was so ill by then that he couldn't even stay to watch the game. Instead his driver drove him back North to the farm.
Who knows, perhaps "they" made a pact right there and then. A burden that Keon is now left to carry on his own. ?

Thanks for the story Peter

Bill Pauhl

I was at the Rolling stones concert in Toronto last month wearing my red wing hat and there was a guy sitting beside me with a leaf shirt on and I asked him if he was a fan, he told he was back in seventies, until they got rid of Davie Keon.
I replied that is why I do not support the leafs. I told him that I swore off the leafs the day they let him go to the WHA and the red wings were my new team and still are. As the conversation continued I knew I had a ace in the hole with the fact that I was going to tell him that I attended the Billy Harris Dave Keon Hockey School at Double Rink Area in Toronto. After listening to him talk about my hero I finally decided to drop the hammer, I met him, I was instructed by him, I slept there at the bunkers, I even ate in the same room with him. After dropping the bomb shell he turned and looked at me and told me in great detail that he also went to the same hockey school the same time I did ( 1972, 1973).
We have been in touch since then and does it ever bring back memories.
For some reason I decided to go on the internet today ( 08/28/03 ) to find out what had happend to our hero. I typed in keon and your site came up all I can say is thank-you.

thank you again
Peter Finnerty # 14

Thanks for the great story Peter

Bill Pauhl

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